M. P. Kratsas Co. is a privately held diversified development and project management service company based in Pittsburgh, PA. Understanding our client's vision throughout the planning and approval process is instrumental to a successful final product turnover -- every time.

We have 30 + years of professional experience in commercial real estate and business development.

Our key focus areas include:

  1. Architectural design and engineering on multiple projects simultaneously
  2. Businesses expansion with a proactive approach for owners and stakeholders from site selection
  3. Financial and conceptual plans to final turn-key for the start of operation
  4. Construction bidding process, award and execution of an AIA contract, construction management and requisition for payment review and approval

Our mission is to deliver detailed results in an optimal timeline and budget.


Michael Kratsas was born and raised in a full-service family grocery store. Working for the family-owned business taught him the value of the customer and what it took to achieve "Satisfaction Guaranteed." 

Michael studied Fine Arts at Mercy Hurst College in Erie, Pennsylvania and Business Administration at the University of Pittsburgh. 

He enjoys the simplicity of life, nature and fine woodworking. Michael's greatest achievement is raising his family and leading multiple real estate and development opportunities that enhance the community.

Reach Michael to discuss your next big project, grab a bite to eat, or simply collaborate on a development idea.

Michael and his wife, Lynne, at the Pan-Icarian Convention in Clearwater, FL

Michael and his wife, Lynne, at the Pan-Icarian Convention in Clearwater, FL